Inspiring the Next Generation of Leadership

    BRAVE Training

    Highlighting Emerging Leaders + Bringing Great Teams Together.

    Tailored Leadership Development Programs:


    Target the future leaders in your business by providing them with a first time leader development program. Driven by the mission, vision and values of your business these programs are designed to support and empower your organizations rising stars. These tailored programs combines personal development with commercial acumen, communication training and a good understanding how to influence company culture. It incorporates practical tools to build and inspire teams.


    Team Alignment Workshops:


    Bring the core teams together by aligning on the purpose and mission to ensure everyone in the team understands where they are needed to make the biggest impact.


    Minimum one full day sessions for teams up to 12.


    Ideal for fast paced, high growth companies.


    BRAVE Coaching

    Discover how to get the most out of YOU, and maximize your potential as a leader.

    Intensive 12 session coaching program.


    First Time Leader was written to help people like me, who find themselves in leadership roles, without the full skill set to effectively lead a team.


    As a BRAVE Coach, I work with ambitious and driven people who want to fulfill their leadership potential.


    Accelerate your success as a first time leader.


    Through our one-to-one coaching, you will be able to:


    1. Increase team and business performance
    2. Reach your impossible goals
    3. Implement a strategic leadership framework
    4. Attract, recruit and retain stars into your team




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    Public Speaking

    Hire Me For Your Next Event

    "Inspiring content with actionable strategies"


    Designed for any size of audience. I captivate and inspire my audience by sharing my challenges of being a first time leader and how I overcame them. I break down the BRAVE leadership framework and leave the audience with strategies they can immediately implement.


    Ideally delivered to internal corporate Young Professional and Women's networks.



    What gets me out of bed in the morning....

    Gillian Davis

    Author | Coach | Trainer | Founder

    At First Time Leader, I believe that the success to any business is the talent they have in house.


    I focus on developing talent, to ensure companies not only attract and recruit the best, but develop their future business leaders.


    A recent statistic publish by HBR.org read that the average age managers receive their first leadership training is at 42.


    I am on a mission to bring that average down by at least 10 years.


    Join me. 


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  • I've worked with some great people!



    What some of my customers think.

    Ross: COO, Dice.fm

    The antithesis of traditional "management" training, Gillian's support has helped us become a more compassionate, more aligned, more productive organisation. From creating a culture of easy, constructive feedback through to streamlining the hiring process and the implementation of company wide strategies she delivers enormous business value and will inspire managers of all levels to become better leaders.

    Katie: Community Manager, Pinterest

    An inspiring and thought provoking session about authentic leadership at work

    Matt: Divisional Director, Insurance

    Made for a refreshing change from watching 50-something men talk about how successful they've become but give very little relevant advise, which is what most of these talks usually are.

    Karin, 30: Account Manager, Media

    An aspect that stood out was the content and delivery of the workshop; each section was broken down into manageable straight forward sections, free of industry jargon and blue sky fluff and allowed time for discussion and dialogue. These were also complimented with the speakers own anecdotes which provided an authentic approach which left you feeling like you were not alone in some of the issues you will or have previously faced.

    Peter: Head of Product (Maps), Telecommunications

    The best corporate training I've ever had. This blew my company's internal training out of the water. Great to have practical and real time examples on how to engage and build my team.



    First Time Leader

    Foundational Tools to Inspire and Enable Your New Team




    First Time Leader will teach you how to be an effective and inspiring leader.


    If you’ve found yourself in a leadership position for the first time - CONGRATS! This is a huge turning point for your career. Get advice from today's industry leaders, Richard Branson to Bobbi Brown and many more, on what they wish they had known as a frst time leader.



    First Time Leader will give you the confidence to lead a team of any size by applying our BRAVE leadership framework paired with a series of downloadable tools exclusively available to all readers.


    Be prepared for any leadership challenge, read First Time Leader.


    If you haven’t already, make sure you purchase the book or request an executive summary. I am here to listen, so don’t hesistate to get in touch.


    Connecting with others is what I do best so join the community. Don't be scared - be BRAVE!












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